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Space Chile Challenge

The Challenge

Davis-Monthan Composite Squadron 334 is participating in the Space Chile Challenge - a project of the University of New Mexico in cooperation with NASA - to study the best way to grow flavorful and spicy hot New Mexico chiles on the International Space Station with consistency and reliability.

Read about the Challenge here.

Our Progress

  • 21-Dec-2020: Temperature sensor on Raspberry Pi SenseHat reading really high.  Switched to AHT20 sensor and reporting that data to the log.
  • 03-Dec-2020: Moved to hydroponics with a nutrient fluid
  • 15-Nov-2020: Getting ready to transfer plants to hydroponics. Will transfer half the plants.
  • 14-Nov-2020: Eight of ten seeds have sprouted and have their initial leaves.
  • 7-Nov-2020: First plants break ground!
  • 31-Oct-2020: The seeds were transferred to a coco-coir-based plant starter kit.
  • 30-Oct-2020: Our seeds were germinated using the "paper towel method" - soaked in water for 12 hours and transferred to a damp paper towel for another 12 hours.  The seeds didn't need light for this first step and were placed in a dark cabinet inside a zip-sealed plastic bag.  

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The latest image from the Davis-Monthan Composite Squadron Space Chile experiment

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